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宝贝把我吃进去|蒙迈烫骨暖肾裤"Thunder ~"At the same time, six camps outside the city, the other two main camp generals and some generals have been notified at home, for a while, a treacherous atmosphere shrouded in the air over Chengdu City, for a long time.

"Two generals came just in time, this city of nanyang li yan quite difficult to deal with, Germany is a headache for the matter." After greeting, pound began to introduce the topic to the theme, a nanyang city, but let him shoot sound camp main stiffened here, how much discouraging, wei yan at the moment as a coach, just give the headache to wei yan.The flames of the sky with countless screams spread in the trenches, filled the eyes of the soldiers on both sides, even if the shooting sound battalion soldiers how well-trained, well-equipped also can not resist the erosion of the flames.Qua, guan yu after eating a meal, has gone to sleep, xing Daorong received tracing the cause of the arrival of the army, although some unbearable, will still wake up guan yu, this time, no guan yu sit not?宝贝把我吃进去|"Take away their weapons! Drive them to the harbor!" Although there are many guan yu cronies in a desperate struggle, but most military forces have been please to fall, the situation has been completely under control, tracing the cause looked at the soldiers, eyes flashed a cold awn.

宝贝把我吃进去|Lu su commanded the men to push down the corpse on the wall, there are enemies, also have their own people, has begun to dry up the dark red blood and the corpse interweave, in the sunset, as jiujiang county, at the moment the YinLing like a piece of shura hell."Hey ~" Wei Yan sneer at 1, also don't nonsense, a wave of his hand directly, instantly hundreds of arrows toward zhang fei.He doesn't have too many people on hand now, especially Zhuge Liang, Ma Su has also been sent by him to instigate rebellion against the Chengdu family, But Ma Liang's ability in the internal affairs is also good, he wants to control the overall situation, but the side effect of Zhuge Liang's ability is not to reach a certain level of people with uncomfortable, always feel that the other party will do something wrong, will Jiangzhou entrusted to Ma Liang, for Zhuge Liang, is also a way of no way.

"Damn it, I'll stop him!" Tardif scold 1, brought up the halberd to meet guan yu."Here!" Xing Daorong smell speech nodded, Brought a team to the harbor ambush, just to the harbor, then see a water army from downstream against the river, Xing Daorong said, hurriedly command soldiers resist, don't let each other ashore, at this time, the water suddenly appeared a pile of heads, a large number of jiangdong soldiers suddenly emerged from the water, one by one holding sharpened pole, against the jingzhou soldiers caught by surprise.But at this point, guan yu, tardif the two members belong to liu bei and sun quan camp's top fighters to fight again, the stirred up blood still let the soldiers on both sides see the blood boiling.宝贝把我吃进去|




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