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迷糊宝贝要亲亲|欧卡诺丰胸Chapter 10 the last straw"Hey, I was in the kitchen before not careful to listen to the general and strategist said just know this matter." "Jun han said, and carefully looked around at a few things, and lowered his voice and said," the original han sui had already decided to surrender to my Lord, and had already secretly passed qi with general zhang liao."Shoot the arrow! One of Yang ding's henchmen saw things getting out of control and decided to cut people with a sword.

This place hasn't been this messy in a long time."The last general!" "Han desu rong said, and then frowned:" the general has sent liao hua to lead two teams of troops to the house of the hussars garrison, I do not know whether to recall?"To escape?" Zhang liao looked puzzled at li ru.迷糊宝贝要亲亲|

迷糊宝贝要亲亲|Just looking at the front of this flattering smile, in addition to the repression of the kind of slap will be the other side of the impulse to death, it is difficult to be the dog's legs general character with junjie two words association together."It is said that I have something important to discuss with your majesty." Responsible for the notification of qiang humanitarian.Lyu3 bu4 light sigh, this year by the time the war is too much, now into the autumn, even if built workshop, also can't promote, but it doesn't matter, after next year to lay the hetao, acquire the material greatly in harmony is cool and hetao will windmill built first, in the third year of grain productivity can be improved better.

Busy month of December in these trivial things quietly past, in the rich atmosphere of the festival, jian 'an four years, this is an important year of life transition for lv bu, so flat light quietly passed away, without any twists and turns.Jia xu shook his head: "the last time these huns suffered a big loss in the hands of the Lord, I'm afraid this time will not turn out."迷糊宝贝要亲亲|




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