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长江白鳍豚|开天雷< / p > < p > sima prevent, want to run away, but was he yi step forward, one foot on the ground, the hands of the iron bar down a poke, in sima prevent the sad shriek, the students will be his limbs broken."The Lord is wise." Jia xu slightly bow, see to lv bu way: "so, xu want to go to the Wolf qiang camp, personally operate this matter.""Is he from hansui? Why do they look like you qiang?" < / p > < p > jun han looked at kun mu confused, do not understand.

Li ru was not impressed. He continued, "general zhang liao did not know about the arrangement of han sui when he first came here."I... "Qiang youth although smart, but after all contact with the world is still in the west cool even qiang rules inside, at the moment smell speech in the heart of the calculation, suddenly feel right."I tell you, today's loss was actually planned in advance." Looking at qiang people youth believe his words, jun han threw a heavy bomb, Fried qiang people youth some meng.长江白鳍豚|< / p > < p > ride the general's door has been smashed, the dead are still trying to kill in, but was liao hua with people to stop, when lv bu arrived with the troops, the battle has come to an end, the hussars camp with lv bu a command, will be the remaining dead all the number of kill.

长江白鳍豚|Liu bao sits on his throne, frowning to listen to the cry, the heart is rising a boring, originally according to his plan, provoke Wolf qiang, tu each, first zero and the contradiction between the month, after all, the battle last year, calculate, the month is a vested interest.Wen to hire?

"Poof ~""Rumble ~""Aren't you afraid I'll reveal your whereabouts?" Ugly young people are also some surprised, general people in this situation was revealed identity, I am afraid it will panic pale, let alone a woman?长江白鳍豚|




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