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郭德纲 林志颖|长春企业名录Is the man who led holds the sea, lyu3 bu4 this time not to go, perhaps those brigands, but this five hundred Biao ride who but from tens of west cool and lyu3 bu4 pick out in the army, has experienced more than ten big battle, from the battlefield to kill, the elite of the elite, are also lyu3 bu4 hands the most sophisticated armor weapon, more after lyu3 bu4 half year system training, no matter cooperate, war, or individual soldiers, absolute can in the normal force when the king of solider, such cases, and he went to when nanny, lyu3 bu4 what also need not profess that elite, home farming."Well, if it's inconvenient, stop." See zhaoyun eyes flash a touch of pain, lu lingqi waved a way....

Look at the month, under the leadership of lv bu, almost cross the river set, no one dare to provoke, but lv bu a walk, but by the slaughter of each, Wolf qiang, first zero round of bullying, an excellent commander, for a force's combat effectiveness effect is too big, must be in lv bu reaction before, first put down the first zero.The first month, for the people, is the most idle period of time, the weather is too cold, almost all people nest in their homes, for the next year to do a look forward to what, but for the group led by lu bu, this period of time is definitely not idle.Chapter 26 the dilemma郭德纲 林志颖|"Cao cao if win, hold still, cao cao if lose, then send troops yuan shao, never let yuan shao take advantage of the situation unify the central plains!" Lyu3 bu4 Yang Yang neck, categorically way.

郭德纲 林志颖|"Take your men and kill me!" Ma chao heaved a sigh of relief, this kind of time, choose to take the lead, more than half of the reason, or in the heart some guilty, Wolf qiang general answer let ma chao slightly relieved, at least these Wolf qiang do not know what happened."Although general meng qi failed to fulfill his wish, he was able to accomplish a great success." Li ru shook his head with a sad smile and didn't give much explanation. He followed zhang liao and started to chase after him. After a short time, they saw everywhere in front of them the han sui army."Well." Lv bu nodded his head and his eyes swept over a group of cavalrymen who were dressed up in various colors. He waved his big hand and said, "set out!"

"Nothing." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, feel the body is full of vitality, in this moment at d say with smile: "meng has in fact need not too nervous, the future of our hands, will scour the sun shone every inch of the land, han sui ran to where, where we will kill, one day, will give you a hand blade an enemy, but before this, have to practice their skills."Pacify hetao in lyu3 bu4 plan or the things after the spring of next year, with the calculate time, distance and a year now, now only roughly set a goal, as to where to begin, you then when in such a problem, only then the situation can still make a plan, at least from the back of the message, with the demise of the huns, the hetao has messed now.'kill him! Tu each king roar 1, side of 200 knight roar to lv bu launched charge.郭德纲 林志颖|




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