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章天叒dhc祛斑Chapter 19 publicity< / p > < p > the gate slowly opened, Yang ding's head was sent to the front of lu bu by the soldiers of the hussar riding camp, for this man, lu bu did not take a second look, traitor, no matter in which forces, are not the group."Come back here, boys, and fight them!" With their own soldiers, each king of tu shouted crazily, trying to call back his troops and horses. There were not many enemies, only 300 of them.

Such a shaft, how much force, in order to a person's head to live through? Liu bao can not imagine, but was really frightened by this scene, too late to rejoice, around their own tribe began to chaos."Husband, that monkey just now is really lovely. Why don't we keep one?" Ramble an afternoon, sable cicada restored many young daughter posture however."We han people have a saying that people who understand the affairs of the time are junjie, I hope king juyan don't do stupid things!" Lv lingqi took back the weapon: "zhaoyun, pang tong, you two stay here, the others, follow me!"章天叒"Well!" < / p > < p > deputy excitedly agreed to a sound, began to call retreat, just at this time, the other military suddenly a change, from the middle split a gap, lv bu that a striking suit of equipment in the sunset is particularly dazzling.

章天叒"Small juyan, then sent 800 soldiers, I am afraid that the intention of annexation. Lu bu closed his eyes and mused.Half a year's time, the camp has considerable scale, in addition to the center of the camps, out of a vast wasteland outside, this is for the workman's dependents, is to reward those craftsmen, each can be assigned to a few acres of marginal, and is not taxed the sort of, for this day and age, have to, and not, this is more than any treasure worth money, after all this land, can be passed down in the army, and only made a meritorious service are eligible was assigned to the fields, and also make these craftsmen more hard work for lu bu."It's nothing. It's wrong." Shook his head, no longer to think about these stupid things, is probably the children of which family?

Han weddings etiquette in fact is not complicated, but to marry the princess is another matter, giffin in luoyang in spirit emperor period when the officer in a few years, although is not the best, but for these doorways is very clear, the matter of the dockyard is given priority to with him to do, this time to come to congratulate the, not just lyu3 bu4 of those people, cao cao, lombardi, liu table even jiangdong sun quan, the profit of milan and britons sent people to come to the ceremony, if you are too hasty, and you don't sound good.With such beautiful desire, lv lingqi set foot on the road that belongs to her, little the make public of a few minutes in former days, but between the brow of collect inside, that brave spirit is more intense however a few minutes.In such a barren land, han sui sent hundreds of thousands of troops from front to back, which was undoubtedly a disaster for xiliang.章天叒





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