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壼厰溺ゆい|屈泣爾唯Xiahou dun appeared in xu chu's side, to help him block lv bu a blow, xu huang took advantage of the situation to come forward, in the hand of the big axe batch head cut to lv bu, lv bu will halberd drag, halberd branchlets hang xiahou dun's gun, a pick up, to meet xu huang's big axe."There is no other way now to order the men to step back." Quine yue shook his head and said, "the crossbow is too far away from daying. No matter it is a stone cart or bow, it can't reach it. Now it can only be passively defended.But a more wealth, let people love dearly, some of those taxes last year appeared once, Chen Xing family formed a caravan, want to evade taxes, to being checked by the justice department, heavy fines, similar events, lyu3 bu4 believe the future will come out, and this time, the justice department for those who want to speculators, it really became a thorn in the thorn.

"In years past, a little later." Zhen shi saw the snow scene outside the window, the mood is inexplicable relaxed many."Is the little brother willing to let out so much information?" Gu shao looked at the guard and smiled.One side pang tong wen yan pie pie, for this kind of words, naturally sneer at.壼厰溺ゆい|Also let a large number of generals under the command of yuan dissatisfaction, after all, a year ago, the two sides still belong to the enemy, how suddenly to unite?

壼厰溺ゆい|Tapping on the map, lu bu saw lost in jiang and said, "who led the qiang army sent by chang 'an? Where are you now?"'death! Guo yuan saw the other side easily climb the wall, roaring a bullet to the other side exposed in the air in the face.Zhang liao could not help laughing, this is a will lu bu as an opponent, as expected unlikely to surrender.

"Didn't you say liu biao would help us?" Lv lingqi puzzled xiangyang fu.'go away! Blink of an eye, three horse has been among the soldiers before near, the day painting ji Yang, no fancy and xu chu hammer to spell a, severe impact an invisible sound waves, surrounded by a lot of foot soldiers directly by the acoustic shock of ears deaf, constantly have blood from your ear effusion, many people are directly by the sound waves to earthquake dead, lyu3 bu4 through force of anti seismic body slightly oblique, avoided the xi ji trigeminal party day, the day painting ji an upside down, ji branchlets hook on the xi's neck, direct him down from his horse, in the shout xu chu, the xi's party day painting ji dragged by lu bu to recover in the direction of the cao cao, The place that lead, but have horse block, lyu3 bu4 wave square day painting halberd, connect a person to take halberd toward all round mad chop, hit of cao jun hold a head rat to flee, instantly, more xi's burly body has been hit not to become a person, the neck is more the life and death is a branchlet to cut off, leave a head only, dense white bone is exposed outside particularly permeate a person!Liu bei was stunned and fell silent. He was nearly half a hundred years old, but still had no place to stand on. That feeling was more real to him than to guan yu.壼厰溺ゆい|




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