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方青子|潍坊黄页Han Sui smell speech, can not help smiling and nodding, although the li kan afraid to die, but the kung fu on the mouth is not bad, is speaking, camp suddenly sounded a burst of rapid footsteps, a bloodstained soldier rushed in, mournful way: "master, big bad.""Wen Hou, wait a minute. There's one more thing the group wants to discuss with Wen Hou!" Chen qun hurriedly stopped drinking the guards, looked at lyu3 bu4 with a wry smile: "the group this time to come, one generation of tsao gong apologize to wenhou, the other is also hope wenhou can release mr. Yuan chang."Regardless of external factors such as origin and position, Today's lyu3 bu4, really have the qualification of the master, and account zhang liao, seibel is enough to stand alone, Chen xing, xu sheng, blanc plus new wei yan, qualification is good, future achievements are not low, coupled with the male broad sea, tube hai, zhou cang these brave will, have the strength to galloping around the world.

Giffin looked at lyu3 bu4, This is the first time he actively for lyu3 bu4 counsel, so consume is not a way, all day long by a group of people, a little change is the danger of human head landing, either soft, or like those famous people generally have the courage to die, giffin is obviously not such a person, second, is also an opportunity to see if lyu3 bu4 is really worthy of assistance.A gun, make the city soldiers discolored."Back to the tetrarch, has not yet found out the whereabouts of xuande liu, but the zhang fei occupied a small city in the border of yu state, banished the magistrate, recruiting all day, quite disturbing points." Freeze smiled.方青子|"Father, I want to stay." Addis hesitated.

方青子|"If you fail to rob that camp, you can cut my head off, but if you do! Until Han sui retreat, including the general, the quartermaster of the West Cool will be at my disposal." Marotta cool way.Matthew came forward, looked at the empty gate, whispered: "father, there will be fraud, that Korea hence is not a good people.""Just as well, this is the daughter of Cai Yong, a great Confucian scholar of the day, and she will be worthy of a wife." See Han De glance swept to wenji, lyu3 bu4 nature know what he was thinking, smiled, also some happy in the heart, fortunately, these soldiers didn't move wenji, otherwise after one night, even know wenji, the woman can't stay.

"Kill them all!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, the huns have no effect, keep will only become a marching burden, lyu3 bu4 nature will not continue to accustom them, since dare to make trouble, just give lyu3 bu4 excuse.Chapter twenty-five huGiffin naturally know what lyu3 bu4 is meaning, smiled and said: "but after cioffi, the rest are white water qiang warriors guarded up."方青子|




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