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5c5c5c改成啥网站了|净留香"Kill!" When the fear reached the limit, horse play with a crazy ferocious face, suddenly crazy rushed to d, in the hands of the sword to die together to d."Kill ~" at the moment, zhang liao has been chasing the handsome flag to kill near.

"Bao ~"With Cao Cao pacifying Xuzhou and Yuzhou, the central plains of the most prosperous regional occupation, the authority of the court is gradually established, accompanied by Cao Cao's prestige is more outstanding."Thirty is six."5c5c5c改成啥网站了|"West cool men, when fair, even if the battlefield also die without regret, don't you dare, can only use the old, weak women and children, and just born to highlight the childish?" D saw Liang Xing appeared in YuanMen, harsh voice scold a way.

5c5c5c改成啥网站了|After this war, Lyu3 bu4 successfully opened up the situation in changan, Not only harvested a large number of people, money, but also with the help of the west cool army world war I, to lay a relatively stable external environment, let oneself have time to develop people's livelihood, at the same time lyu3 bu4 prestige, also by forty thousand west cool army retreat, prestige, Chen Gong letters two days ago, a lot of qiang people and people to vote, hope to join lyu3 bu4.At the end of the line of sight, a black line is constantly creeping, thickening, like a flood rolling toward this side."Hsin-feng County still has court officials?" Lyu3 bu4 at the moment is for another thing and surprised.

Chapter 51 d challenges"You ~" Yang Wangqi pale, around a lot of qiang people patriarch is also face big change, didn't expect the north palace from really will come so.Road to step by step, lyu3 bu4 know what they are now the most critical is to do, so in consultation with marotta, also just talk about improving the treatment of craftsmen to ji hair craftsmen work enthusiasm, as for improving the status of craftsmen, lyu3 bu4 is impossible to mention to anyone until the time is ripe.5c5c5c改成啥网站了|




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