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模特zyg|深圳神州小吃培训"Strategist, why are you here?" Cao Peng storm rushed in, startled at zhong yao.Kaneshiro.Send spies to monitor d's movement, while sending people to clean up the battlefield, at the same time sent messengers to changan, the loss of this battle is not small, but also succeeded in repelling the army of the west cool, is to solve the changan siege of more than half of the crisis, the rest of jun, now instead of worry.

"Candidate? He left before us. How could he let the martial arts men come to Huaili to fight?" D to stand up, face iron blue road....模特zyg|Marten stared at Matthew, then thought about it, nodded and said, "That's all right, Ma Tie."

模特zyg|"Yes." Lyu3 bu4 sword eyebrow a porch, Is some amazing feeling, at first sight of the woman, is also good, but definitely not to the sable cicada that the level of the city, but there is a unique charm, belongs to that kind of first look unremarkable, but the more you look at the more flavor of the woman, more importantly, a pair of eyes with some elegance and sadness in the cold, there is more of a book fragrance."Is Wen You Coming?" Lyu3 bu4 smiled greeted marotta sit down.Marotta smiled and said: "This does not need to worry about you and me, master will deal with, now keep stability and north two counties can, when the time is ripe, let general meng qi revenge."

Ho Yi Ho Man Brothers is not very capable, But there is a strength, then male broad sea cast lyu3 bu4, two people see male broad sea martial arts, and make is also a cooked copper stick, no less with male broad sea, martial arts under the guidance of male broad sea is also advancing rapidly, now a stick, a large jun was smashed up, fierce momentum, directly will break the morale of jun pressure down.Ordinary qiang people, lyu3 bu4 natural don't see in the eye, can pass a close has been good, but the north palace from different, can be called wanfu improper man, lyu3 bu4 also don't want to say too full, ten words, with lyu3 bu4 now ability, look around the world, is also very few.模特zyg|




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