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爱好小说|王新政白马寺痛消贴Liu yun lives in the palace old site, as early as half a year ago has been sent to cao cao, but because of diao cicada birth things, the birth of life was lv bu dragged half a year time, this marriage is really formed."Where's the vice President?" Lv bu swept some uneasy city guard, indifferent way.

Chapter 18 the war eagle"You need not, rest a little longer, later eat together." Liu yun stretched out his hand to want to go down her dress on the bed again, in the tender with a somewhat arbitrary inside, liu yun cunning in bed, looking at lyu3 bu4 leave, all corners of the mouth up a bit like a new wife for her husband love of that kind of smile, although as a political bargaining chip was sent, but the husband, don't like the rumored.Last year's world war I, lu bu played a brilliant maneuver, the powerful xiongnu life lost the hegemony of hetao, lu bu's name also became the taboo of hetao land, no one thought, he unexpectedly came back at this juncture.爱好小说|The person of a flock of old and noble family kowtow hurriedly to say thanks, lv bu this time is to knock their backbone thoroughly.

爱好小说|'no! Before lu lingqi went on to talk about her grand plan, zhou cang said emphatically: "Chen GUI is now the history of xuzhou. Chen deng is also the governor of guangling. ?"

"Ha, this month's wang now want to ask for help, it seems that before, really out of our army control of the mind." < / p > < p > hetao grassland, lu bu in the army accounts, after seeing zhang liao to their own information, lu bu hissing."General lee, sit down." Zhang liao waved and smiled a little."Uptown! Open the gate!" Lyu3 bu4 listen to above spread of fight to kill voice, knit a frown, this Yang ding have some ability, ordinary soldier can't kill him, the city now don't know is what situation, he can't interest to wait for the dust settle down here.爱好小说|




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